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Status and Tracking

Availability, Order Status, and Tracking

Lead times are dependent on the manufacturer and the individual products' availability. Availability can be seen at the top right of the product pages, underneath the products' name. Once your order is placed and your product is ready for shipment, W

What payment options are available?

When purchasing a product from Woodlands Lighting, you can pay using any one of the following options:

What do I do if I need a replacement part?

We can supply replacement parts for products that we carry. Some of our replacement parts may fit onto other products - please contact us for compatibility information. If you should need a replacement part for a product, please contact us directly a

I need to make a correction to my order. What do I do?

Contact us if you need to make a correction to your order as soon as possible by phone, message, or chat. Please include any pertinent specifics about the product or information that needs adjusting. We can be reached by phone (1-210-858-6408) or by